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March 03 2022

On January 27, a proposal was made at the forum to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance and transfer 50 million EVER to the alliance to start work. The rationale behind the proposal is that the wide coverage of the NFT market is critical to the development of Everscale’s network, as NFTs are applicable to games, music, and more.

The proposal caused a heated discussion within the community, since the alliance requested the money in one transaction, and transferring the entire amount means repeating the mistakes of the past, when sub-divisions and partners received money, but there was no result of the work.

As a result, on March 3, an updated proposal from the NFT and GameFi Alliance was published on the forum. In this article, we’ll take a look at the changes. 

Changes in the composition of the Alliance

Earlier in the proposal, the following list of teams included in the NFT and GameFi Alliance was announced: , , , NFT Third place , Rust Cup Game , Broxus , , , NFTWiki , TonLoot

Now the roster is divided into main alliance members ( , , Tonium , / , MashaVerse,, ), associated alliance members ( , TonLoot , NFT Third place , ) and technology alliance members ( Broxus , , Rust Cup Game ). 

Program changes 

The Alliance’s goal of creating an environment for substantial and sustainable growth of Everscale remains unchanged, but some of the means by which this goal is achieved are changing. 

For example, the program for authors turns into the Creators Fund. The activity is to attract well-known NFT authors to Everscale. Through the Creators Fund, a certain number of NFT collections will be supported in the following way: the purchase of rights from EPIC Creators and the obligation to guarantee the sale of NFT tokens. The Creators Fund is a stablecoin fund that will be invested in such creator rights. In order to fill the fund, the NFT and GameFi Alliance is asking the community to support the investment and approve the interest of participants in EVER, which will be blocked by any network staking mechanism for a significant period. In the updated version of the proposal, there is a note that this initiative will not put pressure on the EVER rate, because investors pay with their fiat money, and EVER is received in the form of a blocked share. The NFT and GameFi Alliance also described the marketing program: in order to justify marketing expenses, the alliance asks for funds as an increase. That is, all expenses paid by the alliance itself can be increased by 5 times. The community needs to allocate a portion of EVER once as co-funding. The marketing program will target Everscale’s NFT and GameFi projects.

The GameFi Guild program will focus on supporting emerging developments in the development of a virtual economy in metaverses and blockchain games using NFTs on the Everscale blockchain. To do this, support will be provided for funds that will invest in the GameFi Startup Fund, the GameFi Boost marketing program to attract new users to GameFi projects (5,000 users per project), a pilot program for co-financing GameFi projects at a ratio of 1: 1 to their own investments. The goal of the program is to attract 3-5 projects in the first year with own investments of at least $500,000 each.

Also, the pharming program described in the old version of the proposal is receding into the background. Instead, a liquidity program emerged. The program is designed to support large Everscale NFT projects with additional liquidity for their own TIP-3 tokens. 

In the edited proposal, we see a new item: sponsorship. The Alliance will direct funds to sponsor major projects, events, organizations that can significantly raise the prestige and reputation of the Everscale network, and will also help NFT projects on Everscale.

EVER Distribution

Finally, we have come to the point that caused such a heated discussion earlier: the transfer of 50 (already 55) million EVER into the hands of the NFT and GameFi Alliance. The amount of requested coins has increased, but we see a note: all funds requested in the joint investment format (47 million out of the requested 55 million) will be distributed in accordance with the external investment financing of these programs. In other words, funds will be issued with a time block and only for the contribution of real liquidity. Probably now the proposal will not seem as dubious as before.

What do you think? Go to the forum and join the discussion!