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April 04 2022

Text published by the Broxus team in the FlatQube News channel.

ICYMI: About a week ago, we held a token launch for the QUBE token, which will serve as a utility token for our FlatQube DEX. The launch was conducted as an experiment to gauge the community’s interest in the project.

📈The results speak for themselves. Not only was there great interest in the project, the total amount deposited (12,456,470.61 EVER) was nearly 5 times the hard cap (2.45 million EVER).

🔥Now, we have some more news. All the fees generated by the launch and paid in EVER have been burned. By burning a significant amount of EVER, the total supply has been decreased, making the EVER that users currently hold more valuable. You can check out the details here:

💸Your share of the QUBE tokens will be sent to you via the vesting process as planned. For more details head to the vesting section on the launch page: