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February 09 2022
Overview of the highlights of the 90th MeetUp

At the 90th community weekly MeetUp, which took place on February 8, the following topics were discussed: technical updates, marketing and Everscale Roadmap AMA Highlights, Washington, D.C. GBA Conference Highlights. This article provides an overview of the highlights of the MeetUp.

Technical updates

This time there were not so many technical updates: the community is waiting for a network update, but not all validators have updated the nodes, which slows down the process. Therefore, validators who do not care about updates can lose their money.

Probably a network update to version 21 will be released this week. The update will make Everscale incompatible with the TON protocol.

Mitja Goroshevsky also said that he, together with Dmitry Gachko, was working on editing the proposal to form the NFT and GameFi Alliance. The edited proposal is scheduled to be published this week.

Marketing AMA session

The community will now publish text recaps of AMA sessions in Russian and English. You can find the marketing AMA session recap here.

As for the marketing campaign, it is planned to create marketing groups in the community, where each group will be responsible for its activities. At the moment, 15-20 people are working on marketing in Everscale.

The goals of the marketing campaign are to disseminate information about products and projects in Everscale within the community and simplify the navigation of blockchain resources, as well as to publish news about collaborations with other blockchains (for example, with Cardano).

At the moment, the community budget is not spent on blockchain advertising, the budget goes to the salaries of people who work on publications.

Participation of Everscale in the GBA conference in Washington

Everscale was presented at the GBA (Global Blockchain Association) conference in Washington. The conference was held from January 27 to 28, 2022. The GBA conference was held in the format of an educational seminar, among the participants of which were US lawmakers, which was an excellent opportunity to tell people about what Everscale is and what projects are launched on the blockchain.

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Everscale representatives communicated with influencers, an example is the American politician Jim Moran. Rulon & White Governance Strategies managing partner Todd White was also interested in the blockchain.

In the future, Everscale is planned to be presented at the GBA of the Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth conference, which will be held from May 25 to 27, 2022 in Washington.