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April 17 2022

Dear friends, 👋

Everscale is being bridged to other networks and undergoing new integrations with different projects. Our website is a gateway for newcomers as well as investors and partners.

Everscale has evolved and improved not only as blockchain tech, but also as a brand. Every detail is essential.

We updated the branding page ( a couple of days ago, and today we’d like to share some more updates to our website with you.

First of all, we updated the website header (, and you can see subpages.
Secondly, we added a widget for the Everscale blog ( That way, all website visitors can find all the latest updates and ecosystem news on the site.

Even though we realize that this is not a groundbreaking milestone for the network, we want to keep you up to date about all aspects of Everscale’s development as a whole.

Check the #Website hashtag to see the latest Everscale website updates and leave your feedback in the comments below! ✍️