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April 10 2022

Since the appearance of Bitcoin, it’s become clear that any blockchain has three main elements that have to be compromised in one way or another in order to get the technology to work properly.

Most developers choose security and decentralization as the main elements to provide sustainable growth for the system. However, with increasing crypto adoption and a growing audience, we’re seeing huge network congestions.
It’s becoming fairly obvious that scalability cannot be compromised at all. The closer we get to wide-scale crypto adoption, the bigger this problem becomes. We have seen different solutions to the scalability problem. One of them is sharding.

“There are two things that constrain scalability. The first is when there is a need to send a lot of messages between servers: at a certain point, the internet connection runs out.”

Although sharding solves this issue, it leaves the second problem of a lack of processing power on the table. For this reason, multithreading, a concept referring to parallel execution, becomes essential.

Everscale takes the best of two worlds – sharding and multithreading.
Through this combination of novel technological solutions, Everscale’s scalability becomes almost infinite. As a result, while the number of validators grows, so does the network’s transaction speed. This provides Everscale with infinite power to grow, as well as true decentralization and security.

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