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July 21 2022

One of the founding entities of the Everscale blockchain network, the Everscale DeFi Alliance, has announced the onboarding of Millennia Ventures Pte Ltd in the role of Associate Member.

Everscale is one of the blockchain industry’s most up-and-coming networks. As highlighted by its name, Everscale is the most scalable blockchain network in existence, allowing it to maintain its lightning-fast transaction speeds and low commissions. The network’s incomparable scalability has been achieved thanks to its dynamic sharding mechanism which enables it to process millions of transactions per second and charge infinitesimal transaction fees. This sharding mechanism gives the network its unique ability to adapt itself to any load size, which in turn, allows it to process millions of transactions instantaneously and at near-zero fees.

Over the past year, Everscale has been making considerable inroads into the Asian market, establishing itself as one of the region’s leading blockchain networks. The progress made on that front was on full display at the EVERPOINT Conference held by the network in Bali in May of this year. In the aftermath of the conference, the network’s native currency was listed on Huobi and KuCoin, two of Asia’s largest digital asset exchanges and two of the top ten exchanges in the world by trading volume. 

Everscale’s Asian expansion is slated to continue, as the DeFi Alliance, one of the original founding entities behind the network, has onboarded Millenia Ventures Pte Ltd and its founder, Gan Fong Jek, in the role of Associate Member. The addition of Millennia Ventures is set to further strengthen the network’s ties with significant figures in the Asian market as well as lead to more development opportunities. 

Commenting on the onboarding, CEO of Warp Consulting LLC and Founding Member of the Everscale DeFi Alliance Sergey Dzhurinskiy had this to say, “We are pleased to welcome Millenia Ventures Pte Ltd to the DeFi Alliance as part of our Southeast Asia Development Program. We believe that the vast venture experience and connections of Founder Gan Fong Jek will significantly strengthen the Alliance as a whole and provide a new impetus for further Everscale development in terms of attracting new partners, projects and investors.”

Millenia Ventures Pte Ltd Founder Gan Fong Jek had this to say about the new partnership, “It is exciting to see Everscale building upon its strong original vision and foundation and evolving to be the most promising layer 1 offering a truly fast, secure, scalable and decentralized blockchain network for the world to build amazing Dapps with high TPS. I am very impressed with the team and am most excited to join the Everscale DeFi Alliance and grow together.”

About the Everscale DeFi Alliance:

The Everscale DeFi Alliance creates the necessary infrastructure to attract and maintain strong teams and projects, attract liquidity from other projects to Everscale and establish partnerships with major companies with large amounts of liquidity and high transaction numbers. As one of the founding members of the Everscale network, the DeFi Alliance has been instrumental in all aspects of network development.