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April 16 2022

Dear friends, 👋

Today, we have a very serious topic on the agenda: the governance process of our network. ‼️

For us, decentralization and community aren’t just buzz words to attract attention and follow trends. We truly believe in decentralization and community because this is the only way to give everyone a better way of life.

On March 12, we initiated the first Gov 2.0 proposal ( on the Ever DAO platform. Its main purpose was to end the QAN and WoD partnerships. This proposal passed by a majority vote, and everyone who took part will receive a QUBE airdrop according to their vote amount. 💰

This is just the beginning though – we want to encourage active community members, and if you’d like to get more rewards, you’ll need to keep abreast of governance proposals. Participate in future proposals including the current ones and earn more tokens!

What are the proposals about? ❓

The Everscale team and community are working hard on growth and expanding the ecosystem, as well as integrating with other blockchains and dApps. As we work together on this mission, we need to appreciate and value all of our available resources.

The new proposal is dedicated to setting up a new evaluation process, which is designed to determine which partners have brought value, and to end partnerships whenever they prove not to be beneficial ✅❌

Voting will be conducted through Ever DAO by token holders.

Please join the Ever DAO voting to be a proactive community member and earn extra tokens!