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March 06 2022

 On March 6, a proposal was made on the forum to relaunch the Boosted Staking program. We remind you that Boosted Staking is a program that involves staking with a yield of up to 20% per annum with a blocking of funds from 6 to 24 months. In total, 22.8 million EVER were blocked in the program in 2 months. Added 2 million EVER to steaks as a bonus reward.

The goals of the program do not change. Attracting new users, increasing the number of independent validators participating in the program, bringing the DeBot technology to the community and new users, promoting Everscale by attracting investors’ attention to the blockchain.

In the new program, with the help of DeBot, settings and options will be added to control the locked stake, rewards and staking mechanics. Also in the updated version of Depooler, additional customization and filtering will be added, as well as the development of an API for use in wallets and staking services.

13 million EVER are requested for the implementation of the Boosted Staking program. The money will be spent as follows:

  1. Staking reward — 12,000,000 EVER;
  2. Development and support – 150,000 EVER;
  3. Promotion – 850,000 EVER.

Go to the forum and leave comments regarding the offer.