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Everscale grant campaign
for 15 000 000 EVERs

Looking for all cutting-edge IT projects!
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What is Everscale Grants?
What is Everscale Grants?
Everscale Grants is a campaign from the
Everscale DeFi Alliance designed to bring
in promising IT projects capable of contributing
to the growth of the Everscale ecosystem,
with a grant pool of 15 000 000 EVERs.
We are looking for projects with transparent business models and practical benefits for the community, particularly projects active in DeFi, GameFi, NFT, dApps and network utilities.
Selected Projects will receive:
Financial support
Financial support for building an MVP and/or achieving an important development milestone
Technical guidance
Technical guidance and support from industry experts
Project structuring
Project structuring and market support
Project criteria
Make sure to produce a quality whitepaper for your project in advance. The project site or presentation must be designed and provided for review:
Market and competitor analysis
Solution architecture
Target audience profile
Unique value proposition
If the project is a paid software, it must have a described
business model
and tokenomics that are appropriate for
the size of the requested grant.
The project shall publish its sources (including smart contracts)
on GitHub under an open-source license.
Based on project specifics, we may require you to provide additional information.
We are always in touch.
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    Your product category
    Your product category

    Be as detailed as possible! Let us know everything and then some about your project! The more we know the better we will be able to determine whether your project is the right fit for us.

    Explain your project in as simple terms as possible and use charts and graphs to illustrate your potential if possible Provide personal contact information in your application so we can contact you if we have additional questions or want further clarifications.

    Please, don't spam us with multiple applications. We will only consider one application per project.